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Activities: Prevention

Prevention campaign "It can happen to you..." ®

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In AESLEME we are especially aware of the prevention of medullar and cerebral lesions in children and young people. School age is the best time to incorporate safe behaviour habits which make responsible citizens and therefore we are carrying out a prevention campaign in teaching institutions and police headquarters.

AESLEME, for the past 25 years, has been carrying out the “It Can Happen to You” accident prevention campaign, which is indented for university students and people in the military for the Communities of Madird, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Asturias, Andalucía, Basque Country, The Canary Islands, Galicia and Extremadura. “It Can Happen to You” has reached more than 3.000.000 children and Young people.

The conference "It can happen to you" has been carried out by a team of professionals formed by a Doctor and a person with a spinal cord injury which occurred in an accident. They impart the conference, of approximately two hours, with an interesting power point presentation with videos and which is adequate for different ages.

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If You Control, You'll Return

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altThe campaign, "If You Control, You'll Return", aims to convey young people over 16 years, obout alcohol and other drugs is totally incompatible with driving any type of vehicle. Purpose: To reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in traffic accidents due to alcohol and other drugs.Target Audience: Youth of 1st and 2nd degree, as well as vocational training.


- AESLEME´s monitors in a wheelchair because of an accident and trained in road safety, impart a ninety-minute training session, about the effects of alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances in relation to driving.

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Road Show

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The International Road Safety Academy (IRSA) and AESLEME signed a collaboration agreement for developing actions for the education of road safety specific for young people between the ages of 16 through 25 called “Road Show”. The ROAD SHOW consists of recreating a night in the life of a young person such as a Friday, at the club with friends and ends in an unexpected tragedy of a car accident and its consequences.

Its success lies in the showing of a multimedia spectacle with special effects and impacting images and the force of the testimonies of the characters: a fearless youth, a disc jockey, a policeman, a fireman, an emergency doctor, a doctor at the hospital, family members of the victim and a patient that has a medullar lesion due to an accident.

The project is founded in the development of the same project in other European countries (North Ireland, Holland, Denmark, etc.)

Currently, the Road Show may be considered as one of the most innovative, efficient and impacting ways to reach youth, for making them aware of the dangers of certain behaviours on the road.

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Hold On To Life

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AESLEME and the Fundación Mutua Madrileña (Madrid’s Mutual Insurance Foundation) work together to improve road safety among university students

Thalte "Hold on to life" campaign has been designed by AESLEME’s professional team, adapting our campaign "It can happen to you" to the university population. Our goal is to help them to assess, by themselves, whether it is worth taking some risks, according to the consequences.

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Defend Yourself

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altThe “Defend Yourself” campaign, aimed at soldiers who are studying in different Spanish Academies, was launched in 1997 when there was Conscription, and the campaign was endorsed by the heads of the three armies even since. From that year until 2002, this program on road safety education has reached 6,977 recruits. 

Moreover, in the period 2003-2015, the campaign has reached 26,346 future soldiers, 493 lectures overall.

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