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Green book of road safety

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AESLEME presents The Green Book Of Road Safety in The Congress of Deputies

AESLEME presents The Green Book Of Road SafetyEl The past 13th of December the Institute of Road Safety of the Mapfre Foundation, AESLEME, and the Asociación Española de la Carretera (AEC) (Spanish Road Association) presented the Green Book of Road Safety in the Congress of Deputies, which contains 77 initiatives for putting a stop to traffic accidents.

Representatives of the three institutions who have participated in writing it explained the content of the document to the members of the Road Safety Congress´ Commission, at the request of the Chamber´s president, Manual Marín. The book gathers the conclusions that have been extracted from the International Congress for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents celebrated in Madrid last May.

The authors of the Green Book consider that there is a general belief that reducing traffic accidents is something that society is not worried about, in spite of the fact that each accident with serious victims – of which there are 25,000 in Spain – affects no less than ten people in emotional, economical or professional aspects.

The objective of the text is to change this belief and make road safety an issue of the State. The Green Book proposes 77 initiatives – 18 of which are structural and of a generic character, and 59 of which are operative and much more specific – that have as an objective to reduce the number and graveness of traffic accidents in our streets, and that are directed in great part to ministries and other autonomic, provincial and municipal institutions. The text is available to all those who are interested in the Asociación Española de la Carretera (Spanish Road Association) offices and may be requested through the phone number 91 577 99 72.

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