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International Commiment

AESLEME sign up the FIA Manifiesto #3500lives

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AESLEME joins the FIA Manifiesto #3500lives which calls on all governments to prioritise road safety and introduce effective legislation on key risk factors on the road.


Every day, 3,500 people are killed on the roads. Young people are particularly affected as road crashes are the number one cause of death of 15 to 29 year olds.
This is an alarming trend, a plague that needs to be stopped, a human, economic and social cost which has become unacceptable. The FIA is on the front line in tackling this challenge, together with our 245 member organisations around the world.
Everyone has a role to play in making safer roads for all. The #3500LIVES campaign outlines the 10 rules that can help save your life and the lives of others.

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AESLEME becomes a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

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AESLEME has become a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. With over 140 member NGOs active in more than 90 countries, the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety was founded in response to demand from NGOs worldwide for a forum where NGOs can share best practices and collectively advocate for road safety and the rights of victims of road traffic injury.

The Alliance also provides concise information about the activities of NGOs to non-NGO actors, such as governments, foundations, inter-governmental agencies, the media, and other stakeholders with an interest in road safety. Additionally, the Alliance organizes the Global Meeting of NGOs Advocating for Road Safety, which takes place every two years.

Aesleme Profile

Global Alliance of NGGs for Road Safety

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AESLEME joins the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

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On 8 June 2015 the Government of Sweden hosted a meeting of the Friends of the Decade of Action, an informal group of governments and international agencies committed to making the Decade of Action a success. The purpose of the gathering, which convened representatives of 12 Member States (Brazil, France, Morocco, Oman, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United States, and Uruguay) and 7 international agencies, was to provide input on preparations for the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, scheduled for 18-19 November in Brasilia, Brazil. Participants were updated on Conference preparations by senior officials from the Government of Brazil, including negotiation of the “Brasilia Declaration on Road Safety”, and offered guidance on the draft conference programme. The Conference, hosted by the Government of Brazil and co-sponsored by WHO, will be a milestone for global road safety.

More information

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Commitment to the European Road Safety Charter "25,000 lives to save"

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AESLEME renews its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter "25,000 lives to safe"

AESLEME has renewed its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter, "25,000 lives to save", in 2010. To get it, it is necessary to meet a number of objectives set, which far exceeds our association. The idea is to continue contributing in reducing deaths and injuries from road accidents with our prevention campaigns.

The first accession was signed on June 6, 2005, with a commitment to collaborate in the 2000-2010 and 2011-2020 European target of halving the number of deaths on the road, a goal that has been achieved in our country yet.

Última actualización el Lunes, 23 de Noviembre de 2015 11:04

European Youth Forum For Road Safety

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Spain is represented for Aesleme at the European Youth Forum for Road Safety, a meeting that has been already organized 3 consecutive years. In this forum is supported by the European Commission and young people gather all over Europe and neighboring countries to share lines action and awareness, with the aim of improving road safety among the other young Europeans.

In 2010 this gathering of young people involved in road safety was held in early July in Brussels, brought together representatives from all 27 EU member states and also was opened at seven neighboring countries (Iceland, Norway, Ukraine, Croatia, Tunisia, Algiers and Morocco). In total 65 organizations or associations of young people, motivated and committed to road safety and to return home with new tools, ideas, campaigns and common lines of action that will improve the data of accidents.

During the Forum 2010 was inaugurated the launch of a new awareness campaign, common to all participating countries and based on making posters of illustration, with the 6 main causes of accidents. Until the final poster, the participants together were agreed and chose appropriate messages direct to young people. From AESLEME have translated this message into Spanish, print 5,000 posters (in a first phase) and expose them in Spanish universities and other higher vocational training centers.

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