The Asociación Española de la Carretera (AEC, The Spanish Association For The Road) has awarded Mar Cogollos, director of AESLEME, the Medal of Honour with an honourable mention.

The director of AESLEME, Mrs. Mar Cogollos received the Road Medal with honourable mention on the 6th of June in the Caminos School of Engineers. Miguel Muñoz Medina, president of AEC, handed the medal in hand to Mar Cogollos, after the proposal fur such recognition was granted by the Confederación Nacional de Autoescuelas (National Confederation of Driving Schools). According to the representatives of the Association, “Mar Cogollos has become one of the most distinguished figures in matters of road safety in our coutry”.

Other entities that were honoured were Mr. Aniceto Zaragoza, General Director of OFICEMEN and Mr. Emmanuel Maranha das Neves, President of La Comisión Ejecutiva del Centro Rodoviario Portugués (CPR) (Executive Commission of the Portuguese Road Centre) and the vice-president of the European Road Federation.

During the act, 41 people received their awards for having contributed to the progress in road safety which the AEC have been awarding since 1966.